We can't be fooled, and we need solidarity more than ever.

"Anyone trying to sell us a world where we get safer by attacking, deporting, or going to war with another scapegoated group must be rejected. As capitalism faces a real threat from the left, and from the internal pressure generated from growing inequality it has created, we will see the super-rich go even further right, eager to ally with those who would hurt masses of people if it protects their wealth."

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First of all, thanks for this clear text on a subject that everyone seems to think as complex.

I wanted to comment in order to share about the situation here in France, where the 'centrist' government espouses libertarian and fascist views, maybe by political calculations as you said, maybe by 'honest' right-wing ideology, and where far-right is legitimated by them and by billionaires-owned journalists.

On the point of adopting far-right views in order to gain elections, I think that it is essentially by honest right-wing ideology or to please billionaires, who own the medias (and so have the power to make the elected president and to destroy an elected one). Because our 'centrist' government never was as 'centrist' as they said prior to elections : they never stopped adopting libertarian bills as well as a far-right agenda. They seem to never have a social point of view, or when it comes to it, they do some temporary social (as we have seen it with the covid crisis), but it is never definitely written in the law. So, if they are unable to be even a little bit socialist but eager to adopt right-wing bills, is not their centrist position just a statement ?

One word on journalism here. In the last 20 to 30 years, we have seen that some billionaires buy all the medias they can and place right-wing if not far-right people in positions of power in these medias. We can see an exemple with Historia, a magazine on history, recently buyed by Bernard Arnault, who placed a far-right 'polemist' as its chief editor. Even the public service of TV and radio is slowly eaten by right-wing people, when left-wing are told to quit.

You could also have spoken about the police and the army, that are more and more infiltrated by fascist, racist and libertarian ideology, thus creating a dangerous counterpower for those who would like to change for good. At some points we have seen here that our interior affairs minister was afraid to do anything against his police. But again, it could have been just a posture, because he has some ties with far-right.

One last important point. Antisemitism here is used to disqualify left-wing people who support Palestinian people and call to end the oppression on them, meanwhile antisemitic far-right is showing its full support to Israel. This support leads to a validation of the far-right, who could walk hand in hand with elected members of the parliament in a march against antisemitism. This situation is creating a paradox where antifascist left is accused of hate speech and antisemitic-racist-hating right is validated as a gardian force of the republic. Us who can see are astounded by the inversion that is made recently. This inversion is meant to make things fuzzy, so we don't know anymore where evil is, where good is : in this foggy atmosphere even the worse can win elections.

Difficult times are coming for sure, but I am still glad some of us can see clear trough the lies !

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It's That Time Again

(With violins, slowly, in easy 4/4) to be crooned

It's that time again

The fascists in bloom

They're outside the window

Of my bedroom

It's that time again

When passions explode

And shrapnel shatters

My private abode

It's that time again

When fair hearts collide

The rattle of gunfire

Keeps me inside

The history books burning

Waft a heavy perfume

It's that time again

To hear an old fasciened tune.

Oooh the climate is chilling

Oooh my headache is killing


It's that time again

To check out the bars

The ones on my window

Gas my getaway car

I'm thinking of Canada

Or maybe Japan

It's that time again

I'll write when I can

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I didn't really emotionally understand the difference between Zionism and Judaism until last month, and that was because of all of those American Jews forcefully making it known that they are two completely different things.

Judaism's a 3000 year old religious tradition with all sorts of interesting variants, all of which basically preach the Golden Rule. Zionism is a nationalist ideology that requires ethnic cleansing to accomplish its goals.

One of these things is not only unlike the other; it is its opposite. If I were Jewish I'd sure be yelling as loud as I could that I think genocide is a Very Bad Thing. I sure wouldn't want people thinking I was a genocidal maniac due to Zionism by association.

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My X platform has journalists, diplomats, and political analysts from all over the world supporting Palestine. I’ve seen footage of world leaders (Venezuela, Ireland, Durban, Jordan, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, China, etc) (plus members of the House and Senate) condemning Israel’s genocidal campaign, and coverage of the millions marching in cities across the globe. The platform is expressing and upholding free speech. Grateful for X.

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I think it's safe to say while Musk is clearly antisemitic, who does he hate more? Muslims and people with brown skin, or Jewish people. I would guess he hates both. And he 100% only cares about $.

So with that being said the whole visit isn't surprising as a damage control method for X.

Regarding BiBi, I don't think he cares about Jewish lives at all. It's clear the IDF was ordered to fire on Israeli & Hamas targets on Oct 7th. And I think Oct 7th was allowed to happen, they had plenty of warning. I also think in the past he didn't just support Hamas as a method to fight the PLO, but I think he actually used people on the inside of Hamas to plan attacks that helped him get elected by sparking fear in Israeli people. So he and musk are 2 in the same, willing to do whatever to advance their personal agendas. And Bibi has 2 agendas, his political career, and any possible opportunity to kill Palestinians. He would gladly sacrifice 1200(or whatever the actual number is) Israeli lives, to murder thousands and thousands of Palestinians. So Israeli people voted him in for Safety and got quite the opposite.

And this 1200#? Is garbage!

How many were killed by idf?

How many were soldiers or armed settlers?

& finally how many were actually innocent unarmed civilians?

It's really this last number that should be touted as actual issue, everyone else were fair game in a military resistance attack.

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I’ve been piecing a lot of this together over the past few years, months, weeks and especially days, but you’ve connected and clarified many of the loose ends. Great piece!

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Yes- but- there will be zero US Democracy left if Trump wins. Trump, if elected, has promised he will build concentration camps for anyone who disagrees with him-he is already planning to replace 20,000 public servants with those vetted by the Heritage Foundation, so he can force his will on this country.

Our freedoms will be gone- to protest, to stop wars, to vote, to move about as we like, to think, speak, love, create as we like, to watch movies or surf the internet as we like- the USA will become just like Putin's Russia- where the population are terrified and traumatized all the time. Our economy will collapse, and no one will be safe.

If Trump wins, he will almost certainly start WW111. He hates the Europeans and Latin Americans, and he will join forces with Putin to destroy them. He has already shared sensitive military docs with Putin.

In addition, he does not believe in climate change, so the planet will broil. We will see Palestine's Gaza recreated everywhere- this could well be the end of possible decent civilization on the planet.

The only thing we can do, in my view, is stop Nazism with our vote. I hope everybody with any heart, who wants freedom and not to live under a Nazi theocracy which mandates who you worship, how you behave, what you do- will vote for Trump's opponent- even if that is the horrid and evil Biden. Also keep pushing for an end to these atrocities.

Biden is somewhat still beholden to voters. A shred of Democracy still exists. Then after the election we must keep pushing for a more sane, loving and healthier Democracy. Today is Giving Tuesday, a good day to support candidates you believe will save Democracy from Nazism. To learn more about Trump's plan, you can read @Thomas Hartmann's Substack: "Now We Know How Hitler Did It.

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