Courageous post.

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Thank you. We must break free from reactive actions that cure specific symptoms of the systemic issues and work proactively to create better systems for all people in the future (or more likely do both at the same time).

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Sudan, the Congo and Yemen are the global south, traditionally pillaged by the global north, so of course they barely get mentioned in the news. I write primarily on climate change. When Mediterranean Europe was suffering under record heat waves this summer. Northern Africa was absent from the conversation. I had to dig hard to find information on places like Algeria, the suffering there. Our news sources are biased and corrupt, much of the reason for the importance of independent publishing, which is hard work. Your readers called you out and you responded. Well done.

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This is an awesome piece here! I appreciate you & what you do! 💜

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Yea it's all terrible ...

Somolia too

The list is super long, I looked up current conflicts the other day, and it said there were currently 40 some, I forget the exact #. A surprisingly large # we're going on across Asia.

Yemen is extra hidden in our media because instead of going after Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi we are fighting a war with them causing a massive humanitarian crisis there.

It's extra gross the white house tried to run their little anti islamophobia bullshit after killing millions over these past years, mostly civilians. And funded many more.

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"Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."--Matthew 24:44, and from the bloody damned King James Version a lot of these simpletons claim is the literal Word Of God to boot.

Christians should keep that in mind when reading Revelation. At least the Episcopal Church of my youth got that one right. Later, I figured out Revelation isn't prophecy, it's more like a poetic synopsis of the fall of the Roman Empire, written by people who lived through that time. It was literally the end of the original Christian world.

WAS. Past tense. Already happened.

Or a good mushroom trip. Take your pick, but it's no more prophecy than a photo of the Hiroshima mushroom cloud.

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