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Thank you for this article, grounding faith in true spirituality. Not tying it to a nation or a govt.

Found these few sentences (pasted below) so profound, so accurate. We ALL have a choice to make, regardless of our religion.

"We have a choice. We have a choice in the story we tell today. Are we a people who fight empire? Are we a people who resist oppression, not just our own but across humanity? Or do we think that our oppression was and is unique, and that we can and should harm others for our own ends? It is not just Jews who have this choice before us right now. All of us are confronted with these choices. "

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I always enjoy your compassion ❤️

At this very moment, I am experiencing a somewhat frequent spiritual quandary. If there is a "God" how would he/she/them/they allow all this horror. So I don't personally believe in a God per se, but I believe in the universe, and maybe you can call that god or goddess or whatever. But I believe all of us, and in saying us I include the trees the birds, all of nature & anything that energy runs thru.

But no matter anyone's personal beliefs, if they honor other humans regardless of their beliefs as equals, then I stand with them, with you, with everyone opposing this system of oppression, this history of oppression, this oligarchy based in consumerism and capitalism, where if there is any god, it is money & power. These are the 2 most hollow addictions I've ever come across, and responsible for the most damage to other humans by those who hold those things dear.

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