I agree with your thoughtful and considered essay. I worry, however, that we've arrived at this understanding of the ravages of oligarchy far too late.

Global warming is here...disinformation campaigns are everywhere...mass shootings occur daily...Silicon Valley billionaires are racing to obliterate jobs with AI.

People embroiled in culture wars willingly sacrifice their freedoms. The victims of culture wars or vulture capitalism are consumed with survival. The rest are locked is a daily battle to prevent civil rights from decimation by partisan politicians and judges.

We can't build a better ship while our current ship is sinking.

If Americans had the fortitude we've seen in other countries to engage in mass, sustained protests, perhaps there would be a chance. If voters turn out in tidal wave numbers to stop the authoritarian slide of state and federal government, perhaps there would be a chance.

I can say that anything is possible, but I'm no longer sure that it's true.

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An excellent piece that reminded me of Joan Didion's Where I Was From. The book explores California's cultural relationship with this idea of "absolute freedom" while also leaning on government subsidies, mass incarceration, and exploitation of local populations to thrive. Highly recommend as a supplement to your ongoing studies. Thanks for this essay!

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I recently started ‘The Dawn of Everything.’ Using interviews from indigenous people, they explore freedom. The indigenous definition of freedom was collective. Similar to ‘In Letters on the Autonomy Project’ it’s about having the autonomy while also realizing your part in the collective.

The book is blowing my mind. Highly recommend!

I also highly recommend checking out the Degrowth movement. It‘s principles are rooted in the collective and autonomy. I wrote about how Degrowth can help advance the freedoms you talk about.


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I have some pieces for you, for peacefully obsoleting capitalism, knowing it's sell by date.

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