In today's world, the greed of the ruling class seems to trump everything. Child labour -- how backwards.

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Important context here is that Elon Musk recently sued claiming the National Labor Relations Board is unconstitutional. There's a concerted, big-money attempt to eliminate what few labor rights we have in this country, and re-instituting child labor is just the beginning.

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Its not all new, I was washing dishes at 14, and then had a few different jobs until 16. But, I was still in school. This is a plan to make people never climb out of the position of laborer, while putting kids lives at risk ... Clearly

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It’s a privilege to be able to let your child to be a child while they are still a child. Neither of my kids had a job in high school, I told them they should consider this period of life (high school and college ) their inheritance because it’s a gift to be able to not have responsibilities and to figure what you want in life. Also because they’ll be lucky if I have anything to leave them.

Too many kids have to be adults before their adults. I guess the GOP figures if we make girls have children while they’re kids, we gotta make those boys go in the field and factories.

The GOP was serious when they say their want to go back in time to the good days. White people thought it was the 1950’s but the GOP envision the 1850’s. No reproductive rights, no environmental regulations, income inequality and child labor.

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Everyday we get confirmation the Dystopian reality is growing at an alarming rate.

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I hate this so much, but this also means we're pushing back enough to make them desperate. So we need to keep pushing more and more.

We have so much technology, TikTok Instagram YouTube Twitter, if only secondary school kids could learn this development as well and pick their work experience jobs more carefully.

Thank you Josh for your writing 💖 the way is foggy but the path we want is right before us, we just need to ignore others' voices from telling us this isn't what we want ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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How much for the brown girl?


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And also, please remember that these same children turn into adults (if they make it that far). For example, while you are eating your ethically sourced food from an organic farm, the adult who cooks the dish behind kitchen doors is very often in conditions and circumstances that should give you pause. The animals and crops are being treated splendidly, the people...not so much. Hidden in plain sight.

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Last year NH made it so 15 and 16 year olds can work 32 hours a week. It’s sad, there were also lots of articles prior to the law change talking about how employers don’t respect if these kids have to go to school and they try to get them to cover shifts during the school day.

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Excellent piece, thank you. Completely agree - time to get organized against this. Maybe start with boycotting fast food, etc..?

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Well, yes and no. No, the franchisees would be just as happy to reduce costs in an effort to raise profits with soccer moms if they would accept the same wage and work rules. Which, of course, they won’t because there are better opportunities available to them, including a variety of leisure activities. So, there’s that.

The franchisers want what will keep the franchisees from licensing the brand and buying the products from the franchisers. Within the calculus of capitalism that should be neither surprising nor hard to understand.

It’s not personal animosity on their part. It’s just business. So, there’s that.

If we are going to debate the issue on an Enlightenment/Modernist basis, we have to concede rationality of that thinking. But.

Only if we frame it as a matter of “greed.”

So, is this the tactic? Is there a capitalist rationale that at least shift the exploitation from the backs of the children on to the shoulders of their elders? There are a few that present untapped profit opportunities.

First, hire adults to provide day care for the children now forced to work and fold that into the high demand for daycare by families everywhere. Exploit a labor force that is willing to take jobs going unfulfilled due to low wages. Take the surplus and apply it to an under-exploited market -- geriatric death watching. Some loosening of education and experience standards will be needed.

Regrettably some Boomers will die under lower qualifications for home health assistance. Realistically, the people who need in-home assistance badly have no better alternative and the time sacrificed before death. In addition the values involved in bodily autonomy for the reproductive choices of women apply with equal force to doddering geriatrics unless men and women past reproductive years are deserving of less respect because of possibly diminished cognitive capacity. I’m not being ageist. I’m 76 and I am experiencing senior moments that have lasted longer than what was once mildly amusing.

On the other hand, many Boomers who would otherwise have a lower quality of life. The technical term for the choice is a “balancing test.” Take a position.

In conclusion. At last. “What would Machiavelli advise his Prince to advance the cause of reducing exploitation of children?”

And Nick would say, “whatever works.” He would say if you don’t have power, exploit weaknesses. Weaknesses may include greed.”

And here endeth the lesson, children. (I’m only appear to be patronizing. I’m over that now because I no longer had the power I did when I served the Malefactors of Great Wealth to bring the Great American Real Estate Refinance ATM Machine to a crash and burn. I warned them as well as I could and became a defendant in seven class action securities lawsuits for billions and billions in damages that I was not good for despite my 30 coins of silver. All for the ministerial act of evidencing the signature of a shell company. I used to be a big wig, but now I’m figuratively bald.

Therefore, fire away. Take your best shots on the merits of my argument. Don’t bother tearing me down. I’m broke, permanently unemployable and in decline. And, please forgive my injecting the personal. I’ve very recently flipped in my bipolar neurological condition. That’s life. No pity. I’m temporarily invulnerable.


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They have a plan and everyone better understand that...

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