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Reading this article makes the links between colonialism, neoliberalism and fascism so clear.

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So valid

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Thank you for these words. In times of deliberate and sometimes unconscious obfuscation, it is so good to find clarity of thought and morality.

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You capture the current state and future risk well. One aspect that is relevant whenever the talk turns to migration is climate migration. Another reason Americans should open borders is we are more responsible for climate change than the areas that are first and worst impacted. Migration as climate reparations should be something the United States leads on.

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Tribalism and Individualism are destructive to life. Collectivism is what enriches and empowers life.

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If you visit Warsaw, Poland, the site of the Jewish Ghetto is bare ground. The battle between the resistance and SS troops was so violent that human bone fragments are scattered everywhere, beyond easy clean-up. The only feature left of the original ghetto is a large cemetery which was largely overgrown when I visited in 1982. A small corner had been cleared through volunteer work done by the remaining small Jewish community in Warsaw. That's an unfortunately relevant example.

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Thank you for making this immigration-related connections.

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The beach front property, just villainous.

Abbott recently went to visit Netanyahu to offer "Texas' support" for cruelty and genocide. It's not surprising, his garbage response to the Uvalde child massacre showed he values guns over children. He makes "pro-life" policies that endanger women, and pro fossil fuel and gun policies that endanger pretty much everyone. Cruel birds of a feather, those two men. https://www.texastribune.org/2023/11/02/greg-abbott-travels-israel-legislature/

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Expendablity it's an occurrence which has occurred throughout time or at least I can honestly state colonialism. History is riddled with Expendablity, it is used to excuse the most horrid of activities, decisions, actions. Look at our elderly, poor and disabled in America. Then there's Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Haiti, Africa, Phillipines, Hawaii, South America and all of Africa. The list is long.

The truth is there exists a population which truly believe and live this philosophy we allow it. It's brought great comfort to Americans. However, there exists human beings such as you that aspire to a conscience that is attainable for anyone, such efforts are truly the only way to live while breathing.

Gaza stands alone in honor. I witness no honor with Israel which is the oxymoron of the 21st Century and a large part of the 20th Century.

Gaza are the dying, injured, and watch the World as the World watches them. Their journalists, "most from Gaza" poets, children, women, men and elderly being crushed by rubble. Their voices smothered out by concrete dust, and bombs, Genocide. They still stand alone. They know this they've had decades of attacks and theft of their properties and more importantly their children's lives. An eye for an eye is also a tool, that's the Bear at work, it takes great work to create a lasting bridge and a meeting of different ways yet, it's possible.

Roughly 57-75 year's of Apartheid and they're expected to accept slaughter. HAMAS has huge accountability, no one argues this point however their very actions are understood. There's the Bear and there's the diplomat. Expendable the word is an observation of another's belief or attitude. It's the easy and barbaric way of getting what you want.

Similar to amputation. A doctor in Louisiana trains Physicians "those that want to learn," how to save a limb. An incredible human being getting a handful of humanity to change barbaric beliefs within this country. Witnessing the barbarians with degrees is wrenching.

The question here is how do we as a thinking, feeling Witnessing population demand Genocide to Stop.

Rwanda and Ethiopia come to mind. The fascist Mussolini accountable for one. America covertly accountable for Rwanda. Again. We never stopped either and each was barbaric and devastating. We never bothered to look within as citizens could be required. I jest. Yet, we would be greater as a Nation acknowledging our short comings, our failures, our lies, our worst; it may lead to a rebuild of stronger empathetic values. Knowing how another feels and understanding our relationship to the entire World.

Expendablity is good for one thing extinguishing barbaric beliefs and continual Genocide. War, and it's real reason for it's existence.

Thank you. I have always loved your writing.


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I'm so sickened by them already pitching that land genocide gentrified

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The Empire

by The Frontier Man

In halls of smoke, in screens of light,

The Empire wears a face so bright.

It smiles in films, in news it speaks,

Concealing well the pain it wreaks.

Yet listen close, you'll hear the cries,

Beyond the reach of public eyes,

of justice stolen, peace undone,

In countless lands under the sun.

They say it's normal, say it's fine,

The endless wars, a grand design.

But what of Yemen's children’s plea?

Iraqis’ deaths and poverty?

We’re taught to look, yet not to see

The Empire's hidden tyranny.

Beneath the mask, what horrors dwell,

In hidden vaults, we cannot tell.

Let's turn our gaze to what's been hid,

Unveil the truths the strong forbid

By breaking “norms”, we might reclaim

The normalcy of love's true name.

So point and say, "Look, there it is,"

Each hidden shame, each dark abyss.

For justice, love, and peace should reign—

Let’s pull Empire from its plane.

Dismantle myths and cast them down,

From Hollywood to every town.

Let’s learn the truths we didn’t hear

And see the world with eyes so clear.

For what's been normal can still change,

If our love expands its range.

So let's unmask Empire’s spin,

And build a world worth living in.

The Empire, the country song just released: https://www.versesvisions.com/p/the-empire-country-song-released

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really beautiful, thoughtful and hopeful. thank you

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And you still haven’t told us what exactly you are. Maybe this can help you https://www.reddit.com/media?url=https%3A%2F%2Fi.redd.it%2Fyy0jnanrefe71.png

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Let me guess, you’re going to vote for some random leftist group that will only get 20,000 votes nationwide and will not be a spoiler in the race?

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