Housing should be a right, not a commodity. I hope people don't get sucked into this scheme and invest in co-operative land trusts instead.

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This brings to mind Henry George's 1879 book Progress & Poverty, in which he detailed at length the injustices inherent in private land ownership and how those injustices compound over time, especially over generations. There are many ways to start redressing this, like Land Back and community land trusts, but one of George's ideas gets to what needs to change in our understanding of property and value: it's the community that creates a rise in property value, not individual owners. George's idea of a land value tax was to recognize that community-created value and to ensure everyone in the community had a share in it.

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I spend so much time complaining about Elon Musk that it sometimes slips my mind what a cosmic nova scale piece of shit Jeff Bezos is

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Dec 5, 2023Liked by Joshua P. Hill

great work, I really enjoy your flow of writing and perspective. I hope you keep it up!

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Dec 4, 2023Liked by Joshua P. Hill

Thanks for writing this! I absolutely hate everything about this venture.

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This is the definition of Oligarchy and the middle class getting sucked into supporting the Oligarchy.

To be honest I use Amazon and I am a Prime member mostly for the streaming channel but I also strongly support the workers efforts to Unionize.

Beezos is technically not evil but is exposing the end result of the Reaganism movement that now has morphed onto Trumpnomics.

Beezos is taking advantage after all of the deregulation and out of control Capitalism where he can exploit it. But he is al least honest about it.

We don't need to demonize Beezos. Rather we need to return to the New Deal programs that Reaganism sought to destroy.

Regulated Capitalism. The balance needs to be restored and this years Union movements are a great start.

The Federal Reserve has been doing their job as designed yet find themselves under attack.

Beezos is a symptom of the balance out of balance and Trumpnomics wants to break that balance further.

Biden-Harris isn't perfect but has been the middle classes best Administration since maybe FDR.

We can stop this Beezos venture simply by not participating and pushing for this type of predatory investing to be banned by the United States Congress.

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This a horrifying next step in their ultimate goal to turn us all into serfs

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Horrible news, brilliant headline.

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If you feel investors are "taking up all the housing," you have a fundamental misunderstanding of housing.

All of these problems can be resolved by simply building more housing. Our country's in a massive housing shortage. The best way to screw over investors and landlords is to build more multifamily housing, which would devalue their investments.

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I agree with everything you say. I do think as a culture we also need to deal with human overpopulation as well, or at least discuss it more. If humanity put our brains to this (compassionately and based on understanding of the environmental and human damage we do rather than the silence that comes from capitalism wanting lots of people as cheap labour and as consumers) then we could improve things. I always think how, if humans found peace with each other, and somehow negotiated a way to gradually lower population to 10% of today's figures, there would be ten times more land for people, ten times more resources, a tenth of the cost. We could all use double what we have now, for less cost, and yet leave the other 8/10 parts for nature and wildlife. I can but dream. Everything is connected.

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Bezos $100 property co-ownership deal

For $100 you get a share in the rental income.

Let's look at the income from a $300k house

You are 1 0f 3000 other owners

Rent is say $1500/month your gross is fifty cents, less insurance, upkeep, taxes, hoa and "admin" expenses. Let's say net is half that or 25 cents, 0.25% on your investment.

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